The Eonics Academy is the place for self-development, knowledge sharing and internships.


Whether you are just starting your career or already a seasoned developer, expanding your knowledge and being up to date on recent developments will always be important. In the Eonics Academy we facilitate getting the latest certification in groups. href=””>Learn more.

Open Hack Night 19 - Static Site Generation met Hugo


With a long history going back over 5 years our Hacknights are widely known throughout the region. It’s a fun place to learn knew stuff where developers from inside and outside Eonics get a chance to mingle and have fun.

Check our INBOX for news and updates and make sure you won’t miss the next Hacknight!

Tech Events

To ensure we keep up to date and have fun with colleagues we also regularly visit conferences like JFall or FOSDEM. Will you join next time?

Young Professionals Programma

All our junior employees and interns are part of our Young Professionals Program (YPP). In this program they receive mentoring from a senior staff member and work on their personal development. Every month there is a new theme, a lunch with your group and a fun workshop to attend. Learn more about our Young Professionals Programma..

Internship with Eonics or NIXZ

Are you looking for an interesting internship that provides a fun environment to learn but also allows for making mistakes? Take a look at out our internship page to see if there is a place for you. If you are accepted you will also get access to our Young Professional Program, enabling you to get even more out of this unique internship opportunity.

Also have a look at our INBOX for stories about previous interns.

Want to know more

Do you have questions about the Eonics Academy or can’t wait to visit one of our Hacknights? Leave your info below and we will contact you as soon as possible.