We believe the IT market should be all about developers, not managers, brokers or intermediaries. That is why Eonics is the place for all developers who value their freedom.

Developing together

Freelancers have a special place in our heart. We are the home base for freelancers who started their career with our Road-to-Freelancer program, and for all other freelancers who align with our values.

Eonics as your home base

We value freelancers the same way as we value our employees; they are always welcome at our headquarters, free to participate in hour hacknights and more than welcome at our BBQ’s and christmas gathering.

Read the story of Peter

If you are a freelancer looking for a new assignment look no further! We love to help you find the perfect client. We will always respect your freedom and are completely transparant with our terms and conditions. If you leave your contact details in the form below we will contact you as soon as possible.

Our clients include: