Leveraging ChatGPT for Java Development: 8 helpful prompt ideas

As Java continues to be a cornerstone in the realm of software development, incorporating advanced tools like ChatGPT can significantly enhance a developer’s productivity and problem-solving capabilities. And who better to ask on ChatGPT tips than ChatGPT itself? We asked our favorite LLM to provide some tips and prompt ideas for Java engineers and compiled the most useful and original prompts into this article.

1. Code Debugging and Review

ChatGPT can act as an initial sounding board for debugging. By describing the issue and sharing non-sensitive snippets of your code, you can get suggestions on where the problem might lie.

Prompt Idea: “Identify potential issues in this Java code snippet: [Insert code snippet]. Focus on null pointer exceptions and concurrency issues.”


Consider a scenario where you’re facing a ConcurrentModificationException in a Java application. You could ask ChatGPT to explain why this exception occurs and how to avoid it in the context of your specific code snippet.

2. Exploring Best Practices

Staying abreast of best practices in Java programming is crucial. Use ChatGPT to ask about effective design patterns, coding standards, and performance optimization strategies.

Prompt Idea: “What are the best practices for implementing the Singleton pattern in Java considering thread safety and performance?”

3. Understanding New Java Features

Java is continually evolving, and keeping up with its new features can be challenging. ChatGPT can provide explanations and examples of the latest Java features.

Prompt Idea: “Explain the new features introduced in Java 17 with examples.”

4. Learning and Implementing Algorithms

Algorithms are the backbone of any software application. Use ChatGPT to understand and implement various algorithms in Java.

Prompt Idea: “Show me how to implement a binary search algorithm in Java.”

5. Comparing Technologies and Libraries

Making informed decisions about using certain Java libraries or frameworks is vital. ChatGPT can help by providing comparisons based on features, performance, and use-cases.

Prompt Idea: “Compare Spring Boot and Micronaut for building microservices in Java.”

6. Code Refactoring Suggestions

Improving the quality of existing code is as important as writing new code. ChatGPT can assist in suggesting refactoring techniques.

Prompt Idea: “Suggest ways to refactor this Java method for better readability and efficiency: [Insert method code].”

7. Generating Boilerplate Code

ChatGPT can help generate boilerplate code for common tasks like setting up a new REST API, configuring a database connection, etc.

Prompt Idea: “Generate a Java class for a REST controller using Spring Boot with endpoints for CRUD operations on a ‘Product’ entity.”

8. Handling Specific Technologies

If you’re working with specific Java-related technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, or cloud services, ChatGPT can offer insights and tips on best practices and common pitfalls.

Prompt Idea: “Explain how to containerize a Java Spring Boot application using Docker.”


ChatGPT, while not a substitute for thorough research or peer consultation, is a valuable tool in a Java developer’s arsenal. It aids in debugging, learning new concepts, comparing technologies, and more, thereby enhancing productivity and knowledge in the ever-evolving landscape of Java development.

Note: Always validate the suggestions and code provided by ChatGPT, especially in a professional setting, to ensure they meet your project’s specific requirements and standards.