Do you want maximum freedom, while still being sure of a top notch salary? Then the Eonics On-Demand model is made for you.

On-Demand: choose every 3 months

With the On-Demand model you get a choice every 3 months: a high fixed salary or income based on your hourly rate at the client. This unique way of working gives you the possibility to switch regularly between these different income models. Are you ready for the ultimate freedom?

Maximize your income

When you choose to base your income on your hourly rate, your salary is dependent on the hours worked at the client. You will get 65% of this revenue! The perfect way to make the most of a well-paid assignment.

It is important to note that you when you get this 65%, all mandated employer taxes are still paid by us. This means that our 65% is usually a better deal than the 70%-75% that other companies offer. See this page to gain more insight into the exact calculations.

Great fixed salary

Do you need more stability and security for you income, for example when getting a mortgage from a bank? Then you can always switch back to your high fixed salary!

No non-compete and always a permanent contract

At Eonics we believe in: “what you see is what you get”. We will never include any non-compete clause in our contracts, or any other limiting rules for that matter. Moreover, you will always get a permanent contract for unlimited time.

Working anywhere

Our Eonics HQ is at The Hague, but our employees live throughout the Netherlands. No problem because you can work anywhere! You are always welcome at HQ, but you can also work remote from home or we’ll find you a flex spot anywhere convenient for you.

Your happiness is our goal

The Eonics On-Demand model is one of three unique ways of working at Eonics. The others are Fixed & Flexible and the Road-to-Freelancer. Want to know more? If you drop your contact details below, we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Our clients include: