Do you want ultimate freedom? The our Road-to-Freelancer program is perfect for you! After following our program you will be an independent freelancer, with your first contract already signed.

Becoming a freelance developer is not rocket science, but at the start it can still be quite daunting. How do I find the perfect client? How do I take of my administration? With our Road-to-Freelancer program you don’t need to worry about anything. You start with all your affairs in order and a first assignment in your pocket!

The perfect start

Although freelancing seems as simple as making one visit to the Chamber of Commerce, in the real world it is a bit more complicated. How do you deal with insurance, pensions, taxes and the Dutch DBA law? We explain all this and help you make the right choices.

Move to freedom with certainty

First you become an Eonics employee. We find you the perfect assignment so you can start working as soon as possible. While this is happening you follow the Road-to-Freelancer program; 6 personal sessions where you learn everything about your future as a freelancer. You can do this in six months or longer, whatever you prefer.

We say no to non-compete, yes to “gezellig”!

Whenever you are ready you start your freelance career, taking your assignment with you. We never include any non-compete clauses in any of our contracts. However, even freelancers are still full members of our Eonics family. You are always welcome at all our events, gatherings and hacknights!

Read about Paul and his road to becoming a freelancer.

Find what works for you

The Road-to-Freelancer program is just one of the three unique ways of working we have at Eonics. The other ones are Fixed & Flexible and the On-Demand model.

Our clients include: